Our Mission

Burundi is a country of 11 million people. The amount of food grown and provided in Burundi is enough to feed only 4 million people. At least 50% of children are malnourished stunted in their growth and development due to this unfortunate circumstance.

In the early 1980s Free Methodist missionary Doctor Frank Ogden saw a need to improve the healing of his patients at Kibuye Hope Hospital. He developed a cereal called Busoma combining soy, sorghum, and maize to combat malnutrition in the region.

When the Serge Missions team began work in Burundi in 2013, patients admitted to Kibuye Hope Hospital only ate if their families had the means to provide food for them. In the poorest and hungriest nation (World Bank 2015, Global Hunger Index 2013) many patients went without the nutrition needed to sustain life and promote healing. But beginning in 2015 the hungriest patients were fed at Kibuye Hope Hospital. A feeding program began and provided two nutritious meal to all inpatients and patient caregivers.

The first meal of the day is a high protein porridge produced on site called Busoma and the second is beans, rice, and vegetables. In addition to the inpatient program, there is an outpatient program. The outpatients are for children 5 years or younger. The outpatient feeding clinic is provided 2 times a week on Monday and Friday. Mothers bring their children who are weighed and measured and then given a hot meal.

The clinic provides education to the mother on how to feed their children a higher protein diet, provides first aid and then the moms are provided with enough food to take home to feed the child until they come the 2nd time that week. This continues until the child is weighed/measured and found to be in the ‘normal’ range. The mother then will stop coming once the growth goal has been met to allow other moms to bring their malnourished children into the program.

Since the nutritional feeding program began 4 years ago at Kibuye Hope Hospital it has already doubled the number of children it can see and feed each week. This is quite a simple program paying high dividends in the health and growth of these children.

Our goal through the partnerships of Friends of Hope Africa University, Serge Missions team in Kibuye, and Kibuye Hope Hospital is to feed the hungry in Jesus' name through inpatient and outpatient feeding programs.