Kibuye Stories
Giving Tuesday Campaign How can you help? This year we are excited about the opportunity to be apart of #givingtuesday. What is #givingtuesday? #givingtuesday is the Tuesday after Thanksgiving and its a day to give towards a nonprofit organization. Kibuye Hope Hospital is making an impact for nutrition in the hungriest nation on earth (Global Hunger Index 2015). Though 58% of kids under age 5 in Burundi are stunted, irreversibly impeded fr...Read More
Dr. Alyssa's Story Dr. Alyssa Pfister is the head pediatrician at Kibuye Hope Hospital tells the story of why the nutritional feeding program for children 5 and under is important to the Burundian people. ...Read More
Hungry Sometimes its hard to picture the facts that we are sharing. Before I had been to Burundi I struggled to picture what this feeding program was. One of the missionary families that lives at the hospital made this video that sheds some light on the malnutrition problem in Burundi, the feeding program at the hospital, and the Hope that is being spread. "We can bring HOPE, and HOPE cannot be taken away"...Read More
New Patient Ward There is more activity here on the rural hills of Burundi. A two-level, 8,500 square feet, patient ward building will be built here at Kibuye Hope Hospital. This new building will provide space for forty-eight patients receiving internal medicine and surgery recovery care, increasing our total bed capacity to 148. This is obviously a huge increase for us, and this building represents a very large step forward towards...Read More
Dr Cropsey Awarded Dr. John Cropsey has been recognized by the American Academy of Ophthalmology for his work in Africa. “The Academy’s Board of Trustees and Senior Ophthalmologist Committee is proud to announce the inaugural 2014 recipient of the Artemis Award: John M. Cropsey, MD; nominated by Wills Eye Institute.” Dr. Cropsey was nominated for his dedication to serving the needs of the poor and underserved. He has done so wh...Read More
Busoma Mornings Kibuye Hope Hospital has initiated the patient feeding program! This program is designed to get warm, nourishing meals to our patients. Right now patients are receiving a cup of warm Busoma porridge in the mornings. We have also been able to include some family members and caretakers in the program. Doctor Carlan Wendler says: “Monday morning, when I walked up the hill to check on the feeding program, I was struck...Read More
Rejoicing In God's Blessings Chapels at Hope Africa University often contain unpredictable (and wonderful) parts. Yesterday was no exception. The speaker spoke from Matt. 26, the first Lord’s Supper, on Jesus’ words “This is my blood of the new covenant” and the importance of all of us being in that covenant through Jesus Christ. Then the chaplain Jean Pierre walked to the center and began to sing “There is Power in the Blood,” in Fr...Read More